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[ct_heading text=»15+ Awesome Demos» align_lg=»align-center» align_md=»align-center-md» align_sm=»align-center-sm» align_xs=»align-center-xs» font_weight=»» subtitle=»Creat a successful website» subtitle_color=»#808080″ sub_title_style=»style2″ font_weight_sub=»» description=»Modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts. Create your website without any effort, quickly and easily!»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»449″ title=»1. Main Demo» sub_title=»Hot»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»|target:_blank» banner_image=»1487″ title=»2. Corporate Agency» sub_title=»New»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»925″ title=»3. Startup»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»832″ title=»4. Business» sub_title=»Hot»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»1179″ title=»5. Business»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»1286″ title=»6. Consulting»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»1342″ title=»7. Creative»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»1362″ title=»8. Dark Version»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»476″ title=»9. Studio Version»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»473″ title=»10. Video Version» sub_title=»Hot»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»475″ title=»11. Parallax Portfolio»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»471″ title=»12. Dark Version»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»||target:%20_blank|» banner_image=»504″ title=»13. Modern Agency»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»|target:_blank» banner_image=»1519″ title=»14. Business Agency» sub_title=»Coming Soon»]
[ct_showcase title_link=»|target:_blank» banner_image=»1520″ title=»15. Creative Portfolio» sub_title=»Coming Soon»]
[ct_heading text=»Theme Key Features» align_lg=»align-center» align_md=»align-center-md» align_sm=»align-center-sm» align_xs=»align-center-xs» font_weight=»» description=»Nimmo is one of the best collections of landing pages with modern touch, very well polished, responsive, elegant one page website. It is very easy to customize.»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»One Click Demo Install» description=»The fastest way to import our demo content. Nimmo Importer pzrovides you with all of the pages and posts, sample sliders, widgets, options, assigned pages, and more.» icon_etline=»et-flag»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Lifetime Free Updates» description=»You will get a lifetime free updates for Nimmo theme. Updates may contain various theme improvements, fixes for any bugs, security updates or new awesome demo.» icon_etline=»et-recycle»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Friendly Support» description=»Our aim is the satisfaction of customers. If you have any questions, or need help with our theme, just contact us and our support team will immediately help you.» icon_etline=»et-lifesaver»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Extensive Docs» description=»Documentation is easy to understand. It will take you step by step through theme install, easy website set up, and managing with organized user guide.» icon_etline=»et-documents»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Powerful Theme Options» description=»Customizing your website is very easy with Nimmo. Thanks to the powerful and user friendly options panel, which allows you to customize almost anything.» icon_etline=»et-gears»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Support Major Browsers» description=»Nimmo supports all major browsers and will behave identically on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. Be sure Nimmo will impress you.» icon_etline=»et-browser»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»High Speed Performance» description=»Using the best code practices and top quality code to ensure fast loading time and clean code. Being packed with a lot of features, the code is optimized for best performance.» icon_etline=»et-compass»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»SEO Optimized» description=»Designed with the utmost care and using the finest programming practices, Nimmo makes sure your website’s rankings are improved across all modern search engines.» icon_etline=»et-target»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Amazing Layouts» description=»Nimmo is full of great and awesome predesigned inner pages, as well as services, case studies, blog, and shop layouts to ensure you can set up a website in no time.» icon_etline=»et-presentation»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Fully Responsive» description=»Fully responsive, retina ready created for all types of devices. Your website will look equally breath taking when viewed on all screen sizes and resolutions.» icon_etline=»et-mobile»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Multilingual Ready» description=»We make sure Nimmo is 100% compatible with WPML plugin, to be ready for those who need to create their websites in two or more different languages.» icon_etline=»et-global»]
[ct_fancybox cms_template=»ct_fancybox–layout2.php» icon_list=»etline» title=»Unlimited Colors & Styles» description=»You can choose between different colors of the theme to fit your brand color, by making easy changes with the easiest options panel ever and without any coding knowledge!» icon_etline=»et-puzzle»]

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